Nelson Mandela House is the name of a high-rise tower block, where Del Boy rents one of the council flats. It serves as the show's primary setting.


Nelson Mandela House is a block of flats in Peckham, south London; perhaps one of the ones adjacent to Peckham Rye Common.


Points of Interest

Known Tenants and Guests

Del Boy Trotter

Rodney Trotter

Raquel Turner

Cassandra Trotter

Damien Trotter

Joan Trotter Jr.

Grandad Trotter

Uncle Albert Trotter

Behind the scenes

  • The real-life Southwark Council for a while had an office block in Peckham called "Winnie Mandela House" (renamed from Pelican House, after Nelson Mandela's then wife). The move was controversial and the block has since reverted to its original name of Pelican House.

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