Trotters Independent Traders is the name of the rather shady company run by the Trotters, mainly Del, within the series. In the vast majority of episodes, it is the main focus. It's not a successful company at all, hardly making any money whatsoever.

Trotters Independent Traders




Derek "Del Boy" Trotter: Managing Director
Rodney Trotter: Financial Assistant; Later Managing Director
Albert Trotter: Lookout
Ted Trotter: Painter and Decorator


Reliant Regal
Capri Ghia


Nelson Mandela House, Peckham

The Name

Something that has always fascinated David Jason is John Sullivan's ability to hide gags, as it were, for them to be exploited later.

"For example, did he do the TIT gag first or did he invent Trotters Independent Traders and then release that the initials spelt TIT? "
―David Jason
"It was an accident. I had the name Trotters Independent Traders and I put it on the van and suddenly I looked at it and thought "Shit, the abbreviation spells TIT!" and wondered if anyone else noticed. I pointed it out to Ray Butt and he just said "Great!" I love to say it was a deliberate idea from the start but it wasn't, it was a pure accident. "
―John Sullivan


The First Deal

Trotters Independent Traders made its first appearance in the show's opening episode "Big Brother". Del employs Rodney as his partner in the firm, although Rodney doesn't consider it a proper job, especially because Del is a dodgy dealer and nearly all of the stock acquired by the firm is very cheap and "knocked off".

The first items bought by Del were cases with locks which Trigger were selling. However, Del later discovered that the cases couldn't be opened because the combinations for the locks had been locked inside following a production error in the factory. Del chucked the cases in the river, losing him £200.

Market Traders

Del and Rodney often traded down the market, but because they didn't register for income tax or VAT, they were actually trading illegally, meaning that Del always had to be alert and gave Rodney the job as lookout ("Healthy Competition", "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle").

Going it Alone

Following many dodgy deals and fed up that his two GCSEs were getting him nowhere, Rodney broke up his and Del's partnership in "Healthy Competition" and went into trading with Mickey Pearce. Del told Rodney that he would now pay his own way in the world and not rely on his big brother.

When things didn't go to plan and Rodney had no money, Del allowed him back in the firm after secretly paying his mate to buy some scrap lawnmower engines off Rodney, although Rodney, believing that they were worth a lot of money, bought another batch of scrap lawnmower engines using the £160 that he was given by Del's mate.

Chandelier Cleaning Company

Returning from an auction a long way from Peckham, the Trotters helped a lady whose car had broken down at the side of the road, who turned out to be Lady Ridgemere. At Ridgemere Hall, the Trotters are invited in by the snobbish Lord Ridgemere, who agrees for Del, Rodney and Grandad to take down and clean his two chandeliers.

A few days later, whilst the Ridgemeres are on holiday, the Trotters arrive back at Ridgemere Hall to take down the chandeliers. Unfortunately however, Grandad knocks down the opposite chandelier to which Del and Rodney are waiting to catch. The chandelier smashes and the Trotters quickly drive away in the van.

Painting at Denzil's

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Grieving for Grandad

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Uncle Albert Joins

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Rodney's New Job

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Damien's Birth

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Old Stock

To be added

Rodney Trotter: Job Hunter

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Making Millions

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Under New Management

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Uncle Albert's Will

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Beckham in Peckham

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Del always ran the company from the flat in Nelson Mandela House, Peckham. A lot of the Trotters' stock was kept in the garage, including the Harrison Marine Timekeeper Watch which made the Trotters millionaires.


The Reliant Regal Van: the vehicle of Trotters Independent Traders


Reliant Regal Van

Before the series began, Del purchased an old, damaged Reliant Regal van. More to be added.

Capri Ghia

To be added

Staff and Business Associates


Name Notes
Derrick "Del" Trotter  Managing Director; retired after becoming a millionaire; later became bakrupt and worked in the firm under Rodney's leadership
Rodney Trotter Employee from "Big Brother"; left in "Healthy Competition" but returned in the same episode; worked for Alan Parry in a printing firm from "Little Problems" to "The Chance of a Lunchtime"; returned to Trotters Independent Traders in "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle"; left work after becoming a millionaire; later took over the firm following Del's bankruptcy
Albert Trotter Lookout
Edward "Grandad" Trotter

Painter and decorator; occasionally carried stock


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